Jefferson County Vaccine Clinic Update

The Jefferson County Health Department is currently scheduling appointments for those 65 years and older as the vaccine becomes available.  The vaccine clinics are at the Jefferson County Fair Grounds Activity Center.  

1. If you have a computer, please fill out the survey to get on the list to get a weekly link to try to get an appointment:  (it can also be found the Jefferson County Health Department Facebook page.  It is a green announcement and you can just click on it.

2. If you do NOT have internet, please call the Health Department at 920.674.7275 to be put on the call list.  A portion of the call list is called prior to each internet sign up.

3. If you have questions, please call Pam Streich, Clinic Coordinator at 920.723.7360 and she will help you get on one of the lists.

There are 1000s of people on these lists but we are committed to get all 65+ done as soon as possible.  It all depends on the supply of vaccine.  You should be contacting your doctor’s office as well.

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