Preorder your copy of the 2020 Daily Text today! A sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board or you can let the office know. The order deadline is August 9 and we will not be ordering any extras. They are available in the following:

           Regular Print                                                                      $11.00

           Regular print with Directory                                     $16.00

           Large Print                                                                        $13.00

           Large Print with Directory                                          $18.00

           Journal                                                      $16.00

            Journal with Directory                         $21.00

            Directory & Statistics (purchased alone)             $ 9.00

*Directory & Statistics includes Pastors’ names, Church Addresses, & Statistics.

2019 Church Pictorial Directory

Plans are underway to have a new church pictorial directory later this year. We need
volunteers to schedule appointments, to greet members on their scheduled photo day, and to
take photos of church groups and activities. Please contact Pastor Dave or the church office if
you would like to help!

Confirmation Sunday

On Sunday, May 19 we will rejoice as Colton Brandel, Mason Levake, and Kevin Williams confirm their Baptismal vows. We also will come to the Lord’s Table for Holy Communion (Saturday, May 18 as well). We will also celebrate the joy of Moravian Music on Moravian Music Sunday